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Ultrasonic Hair Iron

Ultrasonic Hair Iron – Best Hair Specialist Melbourne

GORJES YOU hair salon offers you Ultrasonic Hair Iron Molecule Professional hair restoration using nutritional products, including mask, oils, balsams and ampoules. The hair treatments on offer are limited only by your imagination and affordability of cosmetics.


Ultrasonic Hair Iron Molecule Professional hair restoration improves your hair structure and treats already damaged stems. The Ultrasonic Hair Iron accelerates and enhances the penetration of nutrients into your hair, thus speeding up treatment and the therapeutic process. The Ultrasonic Hair Iron is used in various salon treatments, increasing their efficiency:



Ultrasonic Hair Iron



When using the Ultrasonic Iron, the work surface remains cold. It cannot burn you or your hair! Utilizing a conventional method, only 20% of the cosmetic product penetrates into the hair and up to 80% is washed off with water. In addition, you have to wait 30 minutes until cuticles open and hair treatment absorbs. Ultrasonic hair iron pulverizes the cosmetic product and its vapour immediately penetrates into hair structure. Since nearly 100% of the hair treatment penetrates, the result is impressive compared to conventional usage. In this case, the hair does not become greasy as the iron leaves no excessive hair product on your hair.


This iron has already conquered Japan, Italy, Spain, and other countries. Australia, Gorjes You now present the Ultrasonic hair iron Molecule Professional to you.

Molecule Professional



Manufacturers have combined the power of ultrasonic frequencies with infrared light. This created a new heatless yet deeply conditioning hair product. The ultrasonic vibrations coupled with the infrared light cause water molecules to speed up and vaporize. This allows conditioning or keratin treatment to effectively get into the hair shaft.

  • Hair Biolamination - hair restoration procedures based on custom made ‘Gorjes You’ hair treatments

    1-1.5 hours Service

    From $135
  • Hair Lamination - hair restoration procedures base on Sebastian Professional hair gloss treatment for a brilliant and bright hair color.

    2 hours Service

    From $150

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Using Ultrasonic hair iron Molecule Professional you can instantly restore your hair after colouring and maximise colour fix.


During dyeing or bleaching service the hair scales is disclosed. Also, the hair gets mechanically damaged by using a hairdryer, hot curling, hot straightening, brushing etc. Hair after such procedures become porous.


The color is not staying long in the damaged hair and they quickly fade and lose their shine. After color service should be used protein or keratin-containing hair treatment. Ultrasonic hair iron Molecule Professional using ultrasonic waves maximises penetrating into the hair and infrared radiation closes scales. Thereby hair abundantly saturated with nutrients and closed cuticle for a long time to preserve the color and shine.

Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair

After Treatment

After Treatment Hair